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ExpoÓptica 2024

Here we go! We are happy to inform that HorizOn Business HUB will participate in ExpoÓptica 2024 in Madrid. Exhibition is the best commercial platform and meeting point for the sector to exhibit and learn first-hand about new proposals in products and services aimed at the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of optical disorders.

Launching new LinkedIn profile

In response to the great interest of our partners and international customers, HorizOn Business HUB is launching a new news feed on LinkedIn. Soon you will be able to find product, technological and commercial information there.

Abilities EXPO – Dallas, USA

Workshops, activities and demos, AT showcase, meeting ambassadors… Abilities EXPO brings you thousands of game-changing tech, products and services. Regardless of the type and level of your disability, we strive to provide resources you need. We are happy to exhibit with fotonicDAT in here.

XIIIth Bydgoszcz Science Festival

Bydgoszcz Science Festival is dedicated to all those who want to take a look into the usually inaccessible nooks and crannies of university laboratories. Numerous workshops, experiments, simulations and experimental demonstrations will take place in the scientific laboratories. Scientists will introduce the fascinating world of science and open the doors of their laboratories.
This year, issues related to health and medicine during the Bydgoszcz Science Festival will be supported by HorizOn Business HUB. We will present new fotonicDAT diagnostic devices and the DAT App.


HorizOn Business HUB together with its scientific partner, the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz, participated in an event promoting the Interdisciplinary Innovation Incubator 4.0 – SOCIAL INNOVATION FORUM. The aim of the event, organized by the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz, is to promote innovative technological solutions and to indicate the possibilities of supporting individuals and entities conducting advanced scientific research and development work and interested in transferring the results of this research and work to the socio-economic environment.
HorizOn Business HUB presented the results of R+D work of the project „Carrying out experimental development work to create a prototype of a DAT and μDAT device controlled using fiber optic technology and implementing their results in current operations”.


HorizOn Business HUB wystawia swojenowe produkty i prezentuje technologię fotonicDAT podczas 20th Smart Energy Week in Tokyo, Japan.

Abilities EXPO – Dallas, USA

We can’t wait to see you all in Dallas, USA! HorizOn Business HUB will be exhibiting at Abilities EXPO 2023. After the success achieved at Collision 2022, this is another stop on the way to introducing new products and technologies to the US market.
Buckle up for an all-inclusive climbing wall, a slew of adaptive sports, fun dance opportunities, info-packed workshops and more.
Dallas, Here We Come

Smart Energy Week – Tokyo, Japan

Renewable energies are expected to play a greater role in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Smart energy week gathers a full range of renewable energy technologies such as hydrogen and fuel cells, solar power, rechargeable batteries, smart grids, wind power, biomass, zero-emission thermal power generation, etc.
Smart energy week is a exhibition where the latest technologies, information and people gather to accelerate the business in the energy industry. We proudly inform that HorizOn Business HUB will be exhibiting in Smart Energy Week in Tokyo in September 2023.


BULMEDICA is one of the most important events for the medical sector, especialy optometry. 220+ companies direct exhibitors, 65+ new companies exhibitors, 980+ brands from more than 56 countries, 280+ innovations from the fields of medicine and dental medicine, extensive accompanying program of conference, demonstrations, lectures, seminars, practical courses, presentations, etc.
This time HorizOn Business HUB was honoured to present new diagnostic device – fotonicDAT. Participation in the BULMEDICA 2023 fair was also an excellent opportunity to publish the results of R+D work from the project „Conducting experimental development work in order to create a prototype of a DAT and μDAT device controlled using fiber optic technology and implementing their results in current operations”.

fotonicDAT App for smartfons

Since mid-2022, we have been working on creating a new version of the software and an application dedicated to the new generation of photonicDAT diagnostic devices. After almost a year, we have achieved success! A new version of the app for smartphone users is now available in the AppStore.

Green Smart Small Cities (GSSC)

We are proud to announce that HorizOn Business HUB and the Mazovian ICT Cluster are participating in the implementation of the Green Smart Small Cities (GSSC) project. GSSC is a project bringing together Spaniards, Poles, Italians and Czechs from 5 European international clusters working for sustainable development. The GSSC project aims to disseminate the use of sustainable technological solutions from Europe in less developed regions of the world, by supporting the internationalization strategy of European SMEs that have innovative solutions, complementary technologies and a common vision of building a better world.
As part of the GSSC project, HorizOn Business HUB promotes the technological innovation photonicDAT resulting from research and development.

The reports on the R+D work – FotonicDAT diagnostic device

The last several months have been marked by intensive work on the creation of a new diagnostic device – fotonicDAT. At the end of December 2022, we informed about the completion of the research project. Today, we are proud to present the report along with the results of the research and development work. If you are interested in obtaining detailed information about the project, please send your inquiries to

Download Report


BULMEDICA is one of the most important events for the medical sector, especialy optometry. The program during the exhibition will be intense – covering the latest issues in the practice of medical specialists diagnostics, latest technologies in the field of medicine and scientific symposia. HorizOn will also promote results of R&D project „Carrying out experimental development work to create a prototype of a DAT and μDAT device controlled using fiber optic technology and implementing their results in current operations”.
HorizOn Business HUB will be exhibiting in BULMEDICA 2023 with new diagnostic device – fotonic DAT.

FotonicDAT – Publication of the report on the R+D work

HorizOn Business HUB begins to disseminate the results of the project „Carrying out experimental development work to create a prototype of a DAT and μDAT device controlled using fiber optic technology and implementing their results in current operations”. The first distribution channel for the results of R&D work is the platform of the Mazovian ICT Cluster Innology – The service offered by the Mazovian ICT Cluster in the field of support for R+D+I works enables HorizOn Business HUB not only to access an on-line platform integrating a number of modern technologies ensuring, among others, effective communication, searching for and creating new project partnerships and presenting the project.

Download Report

Nano Tech 2023

This time we welcome you from the land of the rising sun, from Tokyo. The last few days were very fruitful for us: we managed to establish numerous business contacts with partners from around the world and identify areas of product and technological innovation. Participation in one of the largest nanotechnology events in the world was also a good opportunity to exchange experiences with industry companies.


Our new device is almost ready… We are pleased to inform that fotonicDAT went through fist sequence of tests. It looks like we will be able to launch device according to our plans. Impatiently waiting for Spring 2023….
This year we are going to start internationalization in the USA, Japan, Bulgaria and Spain. See you soon in Bulmedica, Abilities Expo and ExpoOptica. We will keep you informed about exhibition halls and boots details.

Strategic partnership with StartUp & Fly

We hereby inform you about the undisputed success of the Direct Astigmatic Test in the US market. A strategic agreement was signed between Direct Astigmatic Test and StarUp & Fly.

StartUp & Fly is going to support DAT Optor project on GoToMarket strategy and BuzDev in the U.S. The team is helping Direct Astigmatic Test take care of importing, FDA, and UL certifications, as well as B2B sales and distribution. In parallel, StartUp & Fly is working together with USA based accelerator to boost sales on american soil.

Nano Tech 2023

Direct Astigmatic Test is constantly looking for innovative technological solutions that can be used in the company’s products. One of the undisputed areas that give a competitive advantage is nanotechnology.

In February 2023, we will have the opportunity to participate in one of the largest industry events Nano Tech 2023 in Tokyo, Japan.

Gitex Global 2022

We are pleased to announce that was part of North Star at GITEX GLOBAL 2022. Following the collaboration with local business partners, and using joint capabilities and global scale Direct Astigmatic Test isentering Middle East markets. We are sure that partnerships we established during GITEX GLOBAL will enable us to provide unique tech-med and offer greatest benefits to clients in the Middle East. Our strategic partnerships will also enable Direct Astigmatic Test to deliver better experiences to their customers through an all-inclusive, easy-to-manage, subscription-based service.

Collision Conf 2022

Hello from Collision, Toronto, Canada. We have had great chance to be part of North America’s fastest-growing tech conference.
New business contacts, new opportunities and prospects. We are extreemly happy and proud to be among most innovative med.-tech startups in the world.

Collision 2022

It is final countdown!! Next month Direct Astigmatic test will be exhibiting in Toronto, Canada on Collision 2022. Every year Collision brings together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry. We are happy to be among 2000 most innovative startups in the world. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Med-Tech Innovation Expo

We are proud to inform that Direct Astigmatic Test will be exhibiting on Med-Tech Innovation Expo. This event is the UK and Ireland’s leading event for medical device supply chain intelligence. Event brings together designers, engineers, innovators and manufacturers from across the medical and healthcare sectors to explore new ideas, understand emerging technologies, and source products and services from more than 150 companies representing the complete medical device and manufacturing supply chain.

Join us on the fastest growing event in medical technology. We’ll see you there!

Eyes&more Germany

eyes + more glasses mean fun and individuality. Do you also have twenty pairs of shoes, thirteen bags, five watches – but only one pair of glasses?
For eyes + more (, glasses are a fashion statement that emphasizes the advantages of your individuality. From June 2022 you may do Direct Astigmatic tests in shops across Germany. See you there.

ExpoÓptica Madrit 2022

ExpoÓptica closed its 33rd edition with optimistic results for the Optometry and Audiology sectors. A total of 6,456 visitors attended the fair, held from the 1 to 3 April in Hall 9 at IFEMA MADRID, which was a success after two years of pandemic. We are delighted with the results of participation in the fair – we have established over 20 business contacts with partners from 4 countries and signed 4 commercial cooperation agreements.

GITEX 2022

GITEX GLOBAL unifies the world’s most influential ecosystems advancing business, economy, society and culture through the sheer power of innovation. The world’s largest, most inclusive tech & startup event unveils new worlds of promise will meet in Dubaj in October 2022. We are proud to announce that Direct Astigmatic test will be there. See you in Dubaj.

ExpoÓptica 2022

Hello from Madrit, Spain. We are happy and proud to share with you information, Direct Astigmatic Test is part of ExpoÓptica, International Show for Optics, Optometry and Audiology. Exhibition is the leading trade fair of the sector in the Iberian Peninsula and a commercial meeting point for all its actors in Spain and Portugal. The fair, organised by IFEMA, presents at this edition an updated concept, in line with the new needs of the market.

ExCeL London 2022 Exhibition

From March 2-6, Direct Astigmatic Test participated in one of the largest events in the capital of Great Britain. ExCeL offered us an abundance of flexible spaces and services which makes it a top choice for public shows, trade shows, meetings and special events. The result was the establishment of business contacts with over 10 partners and the signing of 5 cooperation agreements.

ExpoÓptica 2022

We are proud to inform that Direct Astigmatic Test will be part of ExpoÓptica 2022 in Madrid, Spain. We are very excited about the opportunity to establish new business contacts. Additionally, it is important that the trade fair will be held alongside the OPTOM event, Congress on Optometry, Contactology and Ophthalmic Optics, bringing it closer to a great number of visitors, who did not hesitate to check out the industry news and updates. Participation in fairs and conferences will be an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences in the field of R&D works.

ExCeL London

In March we will participate in one of the largest events in the UK – ExCeL London 2022. The UK capital’s largest events venue will be hosting exhibitors from +50 countries. We are very happy that the exhibition has taken a significant step on its journey to net zero by becoming carbon neutral certified.


BULMEDICA is one of the most important events for the medical sector in Bulgaria and the region. Intermational experts and companies experts came together in one place. They established fruitful professional relations and exchanged experience and information both on trends in the sector and established technologies, products and brands. See you in Inter Expo Center – Sofia, May 18-20th, 2022.