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DAT technology

It does not matter which shape of frame you choose,
but it does matter if you can see correctly.

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Eye specialists using standard equipment are regularly handing out the wrong prescriptions, causing many patients to suffer blurred vision. Depending on country up to 60% of people unadjusted or improperly corrected refractive errors, which apart from poor visual quality, may cause: eye and headaches, tears, excessive blinking, chronic conjunctivitis or eyelid margins.

This is why we bring DAT to you!

What we can do for you


DAT technology enables:

  • detection and possibly the most accurate correction of astigmatism, also in so-called severe cases in young children and the elderly with cataract or glaucoma
  • detection of glaucoma and localization of its outbreaks
  • detection of cataracts and its location
  • detection of corneal changes
  • detection of changes in the vitreous body
  • children’s narrowing of the optic nerve
  • diagnosis of the entire visual path


In comparison to other methods DAT bring additional value

mobile device
pocket size
Accurate and objective detection of astigmatism
possibility of diagnostics among small children, people with autism, deaf and mild disabilities
fast eye screening diagnostics
no need to administer drugs (poisons) that paralyze accommodation
no risk of any complications after the test
examination without physical contact with the patient – hygienic aspect
rapid field-of-view diagnostics
the test does not burden the patient, it can be repeated often to illustrate changes in the type of stroke or the response to anticoagulants
possible to use in medical telediagnostics
possibility of group research

Since DAT device is handy, pocket size beside ophthalmologist / optometrists it can be used by:

family doctor / neurologist – enables screening diagnosis of the visual pathway,
glaucoma, cataracts, peripheral cerebral cortex, astigmatism.
medical / military rescuer – diagnosis of the anomaly of the visual pathway
and damage to the visual cortex of the brain.
for members of isolated expeditions or other persons
who do not have access to staff mentioned above.

All above prove superiority of DAT device in comparison to other devices (ophthalmological cassette, foropter and autorefraktometr).

Eye tests with DAT

Just like a visit to the dentist or a check-up with your GP, an eye test should be part of your regular health checks. A comprehensive eye test with DAT will identify early signs of eye disease, such as glaucoma and cataracts, as well as checking for a number of other general health conditions. Early diagnosis can prevent or delay more serious damage. Should you like to test yourself with DAT, please find your nearest optic center or contact us directly.

Corporate eye care

More and more employers are realising the benefits of employee health schemes. With our corporate programme, we can help your team to maintain good eye health and offer them the peace of mind of long term eye care.
To help you look after the health and wellbeing of your employee’s eyes, DAT can provide free on site eye tests and screenings to businesses with a large number of employees.
Our optometrists will visit your workplace and carry out full eye examinations, helping to minimise the time required for employees to be off-site, and ensuring that they receive the eye care that they need. Our goal is to make a real impact on your employees physical and mental health, and in turn help improve motivation and productivity.