Dotacje UE

Research and development

3 years of research
and development
+400 people engaged
(sex, age, education, occupation diversified)
+10 000 examinations
+20 companies engaged in R&D
Testimony in Germany, Poland, Denmark, Belgium and Czech Republic
Original DAT artifact cards


Each of us need special treatment. Regardless of age, gender, occupation and other characteristics comprehensive eye test with DAT may identify early signs of eye disease, such as glaucoma and cataracts, as well as checking for a number of other general health conditions. Early diagnosis can prevent or delay more serious damage.

Marek (45)welder
Sophia (14)pupil
Patrick (67)retired surgeon
Woytek (47)bus driver
Kate (23)student
Morten (45)profesor
Emilia (38)mother
Piotr (50)aircraft pilot

Every patient who has a full eye test with DAT receives their own personalised iReport by email.
This detailed report includes the results of your sight test and health check.

Results of R&D / More than eye tests

R&D proved that DAT technology allows not only detection and accurate correction of astigmatism but also:

glaucoma and localization of its outbreaks

cataracts and its location

corneal changes

changes in the vitreous body

children’s narrowing of the optic nerve

diagnosis of the entire visual path

Would you also belive that believe that DAT technology enables detection of many civilization illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, pre-vasal state, stroke and others.

an image without anomaly seen by a healthy eye
glaucoma with cataracts
glaucoma, patient before retinal detachment
glaucoma, marginal defect
damage to the retina with a laser beam – an image like glaucoma
Corneal injury, squint
hemorrhagic stroke
retinal detachment with tearing, the color pulsates
detachment retina, eye pain
choroidal melanoma
hormonal thyroid disorders seen „wandering worms”
stroke ischemic TIA
sympathetic inflammation of the eye

The result of our research and development works is extensive data research confirming the relationship between various diseases. Works lasting for three years constantly contribute to enriching our knowledge, creating new cards of artifacts and improving IT applications. We are in the process of developing a dedicated application for mobile devices, thanks to which it will be possible to increase the accuracy of measurements and create special, personalized diagnostic reports.