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Revolution in optometry

In last 750 years optometry has evolved from a niche field to a respected discipline.
But still optometrists are basing on 3 well known devices: ophthalmic cassette, foropter, autorefractometer.
Don`t you think it is high time for the next step in evolution…?

We do!

This is why we decided to go for DAT Project!

The device implementing the DAT method complements the equipment of a typical optician’s salon or ophthalmic office. Hence DAT device must not be cosidered as competitive to ophthalmological cassette, foropter and autorefraktometr. Moreover, in comparison to commonly used devices for testing the increase, thanks to the patented research methodology, DAT devices have a significant competitive advantage.


DAT devices allow you to:

• correct determination of the angle of astigmatism
• confirmation of correct selection of lenses in glasses and lenses
• determining the distance of accommodation
• avoiding the administration of drugs / poisoning paralysis
• objective research, among others, among children, people with autism and other diseases

We bring optometry to the next level

DAT is a diagnostic device that detects defects, eye diseases and the condition of the visual path. The device fits in optometric and ophthalmological procedures, improving its quality and facilitating correct optometric correction and proper ophthalmologic diagnosis.

DAT for mobile devices

We take the true power of IT for optometry incorporating it into the clinical consultation process for data collection, data analysis, tracking patient management and record keeping. Dedicated DAT application for mobile devices enable efficient performance, data collection and its management.

This is why we want to DAT optometric practice.